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Psychologist Darren Marc Goddard Charged With Raping School Children

Published by CCHR SA in Mental Health · 19 August 2018
Primary school psychology counsellor Darren Goddard, sits in the dock of the Pietermaritzburg High Court facing sexual assault and rape charges.
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Psychologist Darren Marc Goddard was arrested on 25th June 2016 and charged with sexual offences relating to children whilst employed as a counsellor at a school in Pietermaritzburg. The former school psychologist is accused of raping and sexually abusing children under his care.

Darren Goddard - registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa with the qualification: B Soc Sc Hons (Psych) in KwaZulu Natal on 15th April 2008 - understandably his registration status is now marked as “Closed”.
The psychologist has 13 charges of rape and sexual assault made against him and also faces 2 other charges relating to child pornography – a laptop belonging to Goddard containing over 3000 images of child pornography.

Goddard pleaded not guilty to the charges and was denied bail at the magistrates court hearing but later appealed the bail decision in the High Court. On 27th March 2017 Darren Goddard was granted bail of R10,000 subject to certain conditions while the case continues.

Court Protestors Against Psychologist Darren Goddard
Protestors outside the court for psychologist Darren Goddard's hearing.
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The Widespread Abuse of Psychiatry

The allegations of child rape by psychologist Darren Goddard are horrifying to say the least, but you should know that this type of abuse within the field of mental health as a whole is not isolated to this one case. There are many instances of reported rape and sexual abuse by patients under the so-called “care” of psychologists and psychiatrists.
Here are some important facts reported by CCHR:

  • Between 10% and 25% of mental health practitioners sexually abuse their patients.

  • To cover up their crimes, psychiatrists have used drugs or electroshock in an effort to eliminate the patient’s memory of the rape.

  • It is estimated that 100 psychologists lose their licences annually for sexual misconduct but this is rarely permanent.

  • Psychiatrists and psychologists redefine and excuse their patient rape as “sexual contact,” a “sexual relationship” or “crossing the boundaries.”

  • Instead of treating sexual assault of a patient as a criminal offence, licensing boards have dealt with it as “professional misconduct,” with psychiatrists and psychologists thus escaping criminal prosecution.

  • Patients who have been sexually assaulted by a therapist are very likely to attempt suicide.

  • One in every 100 patients sexually involved with a therapist commits suicide.

The Cycle Of Abuse Perpetrated by Psychologists and Psychiatrists

The alleged raping of these children by school psychologist Darren Goddard is one of the most depraved acts to be conducted by someone these children should have been able to trust. However, we are fully aware that psychologists and psychiatrists can and do abuse their powers of trust, taking advantage of their position to prey on the vulnerable. Sexual abuse and rape in the mental health industry, including psychiatric hospitals, is widespread.

There is a cycle of abuse that can and does occur here; the abused person is put on psychiatric drugs for the trauma suffered and possibly placed with another therapist, or worse, placed in a psychiatric hospital - either way they can become subject to similar sexual abuses. If the patient speaks out or complains, they are either silenced - with drugs or ECT Electroconvulsive Therapy (SHOCK TREATMENT) - or their allegations are downplayed as symptoms of a fake psychiatric illness. Whichever path, the patient loses and the abuse continues.

  • In a British study of therapist-patient sexual contact among psychologists, 25% reported having treated a patient who had been sexually involved with another therapist.

  • A 2001 study reported that one out of 20 clients who had been sexually abused by their therapist was a minor, the average age being 7 for girls and 12 for boys. The youngest child was 3.

Don’t be mistaken; psychiatrists and psychologists knowingly commit these abhorrent abuses and use their profession to camouflage their wrongdoing under the guise of “help”. Far from being able to truly help; in fact the opposite is true – destruction – is the only thing they are capable of. These criminals, for that’s what they are, need to be rooted out and any abuse reported either to us or more importantly to the proper authorities.

27/3/2017 - High Court Appeal Judgement:

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