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The Dangers of Psychotropic Drugging (T.V. Interview)

Published by CCHR SA in Mental Health · 17 December 2018
"Join Yusuf Ismail as he interviews well-known guests from diverse backgrounds to discuss issues facing all South Africans, with hard-hitting questions and a critical analysis to get to the bottom of the story."  Statement of ITV Networks T.V. series "I Beg to Differ"

Allan Wohrnitz nutrition expert and CCHR advocate was a guest on ITV Networks' T.V. series "I Beg to Differ" - a TV channel which is said to be the largest English speaking Islamic platform in Africa. Hosted by Yusuf Ismail, the interview focused on the dangers of psychotropic drugs side effects and psychiatry in South Africa.

Aside from Allan being invited on the show to talk about the dangers of psychiatric drugging, up to four psychiatrists were also contacted and invited to give their side of the story and to "defend" the use psychotropic drugs. At the last minute the T.V. show was informed of the unavailability of any psychiatrist to attend the show.

In spite of an absence of psychiatrists to come forward to support their side and explain themselves, the show went ahead with some hard-hitting questions on psychotropic medications. Allan highlighted some important points concerning the lack of efficacy of these drugs, how they are actually causing mental health problems, as well as the lack of, or no, alternative safe solutions offered by doctors.

Watch the video of the T.V. interview below:

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