Raising Awareness of Human Rights Within The Field of Mental Health
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Looking for Psychiatrists in KwaZulu-Natal?

Are you searching for psychiatrists in KwaZulu-Natal or a psychiatrist that provides psychiatric services in the province? If you are looking for a KwaZulu-Natal psychiatrist for a mental health disorder such as ADHD, ADD, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety, or other psychiatric disorder you would be wise to firstly get informed and educated about what psychiatric treatments are used by psychiatrists, and exactly what the effects of those treatments are.

Since 1969, CCHR Citizens Commission on Human Rights has been heavily involved in the reform of mental health, ensuring the mental health industry - psychiatrists, psychologists and psychiatric hospitals in KZN - are held fully responsible for any harm done to their patients, not only locally in KwaZulu-Natal province but South Africa as a whole and internationally.
Psychiatrists in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


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Searching for an Adult or Child Psychiatrist in KwaZulu-Natal?

Psychiatrists in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaIf you want to use the psychiatric services of a psychiatrist in KwaZulu-Natal you may want to think again; here's why. Today, in South Africa, our society has impressively progressed in many fields. But at the same time there are many ways in which South Africa currently, and more locally KwaZulu-Natal, that has not progressed at all well. Education is declining rapidly. Crime is on a long-term increase. Attempts to treat drug addicts and drug addiction have completely failed, and only create more addiction to more dangerous drugs. The local news headlines in towns and cities across the KwaZulu-Natal Province and around the world continuously report increasing numbers of psychotic, irrational acts of violence which have no motive and cannot be understood. Yet in our educated and enlightened era, treatment of the problems of the mind remains an area of dark, fearsome ignorance.

Psychiatrists worldwide, across South Africa, and local psychiatrists in KwaZulu-Natal, have never provided a science of the mind that actually cures mental illness. Instead psychiatry uses invasive mental health treatments and therapies such as electroconvulsive therapy (electric shocks to the brain) and prescribes mind-altering psychiatric medications that are intensely destructive. Medical evidence shows that such drugs can, and actually do, create killers. Sexual abuse by therapists is well known to be destructive, yet psychiatric doctors and psychologists sexually abuse their patients at an unbelievable rate. They also commit health insurance fraud at a higher rate than any other profession and many come from the dregs of medical school classes. It's an unfortunate fact, but whatever KwaZulu-Natal town or city you live, nearby psychiatrists in KwaZulu-Natal actually create worse mental health problems in the province.


Get The Facts About Psychiatric Drugs, Medications and Treatments

Need a Psychiatric Diagnosis by a KwaZulu-Natal Psychiatrist?

KwaZulu-Natal Psychiatrist for Evaluation, Test, Assessment, or DiagnosisIt is important to understand that psychiatry consists, not of methods of healing, but of brutal practices that no decent medical professional would ever call treatment. As author Edward Shorter stated in A History of Psychiatry, psychiatrists have had "a rather poor reputation among their medical colleagues as the dull and the second rate." Despite massive funding increases, KwaZulu-Natal psychiatrists have failed to define, let alone cure, the causes of mental problems.

While it appears modern day psychiatry is scientific, it still messes around with brutal psychiatric treatments and a complete absence of any systematic approach to mental health. The lack of any real scientific system for diagnosing mental illness by psychiatrists and psychologists for mental problems contributes to psychiatry's bad reputation. A psychiatric evaluation in KwaZulu-Natal by a psychiatrist doctor is purely nothing except dangerous guesswork at the expense of their KwaZulu-Natal mental health patients.

How Does a KwaZulu-Natal Psychiatrist Diagnose Mental Disorders?

Psychiatrists in KwaZulu-Natal and across South Africa use a list of so-called mental disorders to compare with or judge against a patient. The most common list of disorders used for psychiatric diagnosis is a book called the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). In 1952 the DSM contained only 112 mental disorders but the number of disorders has increased dramatically to 374 in 1994, and is still on the rise today. WHY?

A study published in April 2006 by university public health researchers, disclosed that every psychiatric expert involved in the development of the mood disorders listed in the DSM-IV - before or after the book was published - had financial ties with drug companies. This report was the first to officially document the wide-ranging monetary conflict of interest between psychiatrists, the pharmaceutical companies, and other mental health personnel responsible for the development of the manual. In effect, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is a grab bag of billing items for the mental health industry.

What You Need to Know About Psychiatric Assessments in KwaZulu-Natal

Represented as diagnostic tools, the DSM or other similar lists of "mental disorders" are not only used to diagnose mental illness and prescribe treatment in KwaZulu-Natal, but also to determine child custody disputes, discrimination cases based on alleged psychiatric disability, support testimony in court, modify school education and much more. Yet this diagnostic system has no science in it despite monstrous sums of KwaZulu-Natal taxpayer's money being poured into psychiatry in South Africa. If you receive a psychiatric assessment by a KwaZulu-Natal psychiatrist and then visit another psychiatrist in KZN, chances are both psychiatric doctors will give different evaluations and prescribe different treatments. Psychiatrists and psychologists base their evaluations on what they believe is wrong with a patient and NOT on any scientific cause. They treat a list of symptoms and NOT real causes.


Get The Facts About Psychiatric Drugs, Medications and Treatments

Need a KwaZulu-Natal Psychiatrist for Psychiatric Treatment?

Psychiatrist in KwaZulu-Natal for Psychiatric Treatments and ServicesThrough unscientific diagnoses and labelling, easy seizure and commitment laws and brutal, depersonalizing practices, millions around the world fall into psychiatry's coercive system every year. And too many governments and individuals assume that psychiatrists understand and practice mental healing, when they don't.

The questions used by KwaZulu-Natal psychiatrists for patient mental health disorder evaluations are not reliable to diagnose any psychiatric condition. If you visit a psychiatrist in the KwaZulu-Natal area you will generally have a brief consultation where you are told what is wrong with you without making any physical examination. A report by a psychiatrist advising a course of psychiatric treatment is not based on a valid diagnosis. Before being given any medication or psychiatric therapy by a local psychiatrist in KwaZulu-Natal, ask them what physical checks they are going to perform to diagnose you. The chances are they won't perform any physical check, simply because they don't know what causes mental illness.


Get The Facts About Psychiatric Drugs, Medications and Treatments

Searching to Find a Local Psychiatrist in KwaZulu-Natal Province?

If you are searching your home town or city in KwaZulu-Natal for a local psychiatrist or psychologist then find out more about what to expect from their services and treatments. See our psychiatric publications here.

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